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150 Marion Street - RONCESVALLES

150 Marion Street - RONCESVALLES

It was a charming old cottage built in 1884 that kind of reminds me a lot of this house.

But it might just be the fence and the front porch because the inside of this house has been 'renovated'.

Though this house is on a much smaller 35 x 57.41 foot lot on the other side of the city in Roncesvalles, it does have more bedrooms and a finished basement.

This house is 4+1 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and was built in 1900.

The first floor is quaint with some interesting staging.  Do you think that 'office' is normally there in the front hall?  

The dining room is intersting with those chairs.  And what are they supposed to be eating?  Soup, pears, watermelon, and wine...with a little salt and pepper on the side?  I'm confused.

The kitchen looks like an IKEA kitchen which is fine.  I just don't get the layout.  I would have put the sink where the fridge is and vice versa...or something like that.

Upstairs, the rooms aren't huge and there is no storage.  But like the rest of the house, IKEA was able to fix that.  The bathroom is fine, but I would want to change the tile.

And the basement was renovated with waterproofing and a sump pump in 2012.  

The backyard is tiny, but like a lot of this house, it's quaint.

This house is listed at $1,098,000.

So....the Leslieville house at 24 Austin Avenue needed a lot of work, but it was on an almost 50 foot lot in Leslieville.  Do those exist!?!

And is it a heritage property?  No matter how charming it is, that is a great lot to make 2 houses on a 24 foot lot each.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the house, but the lot.  That is kind of a crazy lot.

The Leslieville house just sold for $1,350,000.

This house that is tiny and on a lot that leaves no room for expansion, though it is kind of renovated, is only one building away from Roncesvalles and has no parking...

Is listed at...


That's going to be tough.


AND IT WENT FOR - 17 Berryman Street - YORKVILLE

AND IT WENT FOR - 17 Berryman Street - YORKVILLE

SOLD - 24 Austin Avenue - LESLIEVILLE

SOLD - 24 Austin Avenue - LESLIEVILLE