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SOLD - 24 Austin Avenue - LESLIEVILLE

SOLD - 24 Austin Avenue - LESLIEVILLE

This morning, I sat down to post this 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom detached house on a 49.7 x 130.11 foot lot.

A reader (thanks B!) sent it in 6 days ago, a day after it was listed at $995,000.

And despite the old windows, which are nice but are only single pane, and the tired porch...

I knew right away that there was no way this was not selling over ask.

It's a great looking house with great looking neighbours...

For the most part...

And it was on a BIG downtown lot.

Not to mention, it had Pellegrino...

This house is great and charming as it is, but it could be even better with an addition into the sunroom, with a new kitchen and a family room.

After 4 days, this house sold over ask....

For $1,350,000.

I'm actually surprised it didn't sell for more.  That is a serious lot.

P.S.  I'm not usually into these things, but there is something about this one that I love...

150 Marion Street - RONCESVALLES

150 Marion Street - RONCESVALLES

AND IT WENT FOR - 18A Heathdale Road - CEDARVALE

AND IT WENT FOR - 18A Heathdale Road - CEDARVALE