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AND IT WENT FOR - 18A Heathdale Road - CEDARVALE

AND IT WENT FOR - 18A Heathdale Road - CEDARVALE

In October 2013, I posted this 4+1 bedroom, 5 bathroom new build (?) on a 46 x 175 foot lot at 18A Heathdale Road in the Cedarvale neighbourhood (not Humewood as it is north of Vaughan, thank you for the correction).

This is what it looked like 2 years earlier...

Just after it had been listed at $1,495,000.

According to the first reader who sent in the house, it sold for $1,300,000.

The new house was good if that was your style, but I wasn't so much into the furniture.  And for a house on a supposed 46 foot lot (doesn't it look narrower than that?), I couldn't figure out why there was a shared bathroom like this one...

It was listed at $2,998,000.

I thought it was a little high and that this house would sell closer to $2,599,000...maybe $2,650,000.

It didn't sell and the price was dropped in February 2014 to $2,849,000, and then again in July to $2,778,000.

Then, this January, it was brought back on the market at an increase...

To $2,829,000.

Even with the growth in the market over the last year and a bit...

I still thought that was too high.

It finally sold...

For $2,585,000.

SOLD - 24 Austin Avenue - LESLIEVILLE

SOLD - 24 Austin Avenue - LESLIEVILLE

PRICE DROP - mishMASH Monday

PRICE DROP - mishMASH Monday