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175 Bruswick Avenue - HARBORD VILLAGE

175 Bruswick Avenue - HARBORD VILLAGE

Why is there a dumpster in front of this listing?

And no photos of the interior except for this...

And this...

And I love that there are rooftop views, but it doesn't seem like there is a rooftop deck.

But the view is pretty great...


This is a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom detached house on a 24 x 134 foot lot just north of Harbord in Harbord Village.

The listing says....

Plans Submitted For 3,200 Sf Above Grade Which Include A Spectacular Third Floor With 12 Foot Ceilings To Highlight The Incredible View!

Here are the plans...

That third floor master is pretty great (it needs a bathtub) and the deck is great so.....I guess that is why they showed the view.

Oh, and apparently the dumpster is there because the house has been '80% gutted (with some period detail still intact)'.

The asking price is $1,149,000.

You don't nessecarily need to do the third floor addition.  You could just renovated at a lower cost without the third floor master, but I think it would make sense to do the full 3 story addition.

So, is this a $2+ million house when a full reno and addition has been done?

If the house on a 30 x 50.50 foot lot at 4 Lennox Street...

Could sell for $1,950,000...

Then sure, this could be a $2 million house.

It's just that it doesn't have parking.

But I still think it will sell for ask.  Maybe $1,180,000....maybe.

Does it come with the plans?


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