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7 Playter Boulevard - PLAYTER ESTATES

7 Playter Boulevard - PLAYTER ESTATES

Is this crazy? 

I think it might be crazy.

This is a 4+1 bedroom, 5 bathroom house on a 35 x 110 foot lot with a detached garage and 4 parking spaces at 7 Playter Boulevard in Playter Estates.

It is a flip that used to be a 6 unit multiplex that netted $48,000/year.

Here are the before photos...

It has now been converted into a single family home and this is what it looks like in the streetview...

So, it's a large house that has been done top to bottom.

But is it a $3,495,000 house!?!

That's right.

$3.5 million dollars.

When it was the multiplex, it was listed in June 2013 for $1,499,000.

I'm guessing that 2 years ago, this didn't sell much over asking...maybe $1.6.

Earlier today, I posted a house at 43 Hogarth Avenue in Riverdale...

That was not as up-to-date as this house, but was more than livable.  It sold last week for $2.5 (or so).

So, is this house worth $1 million more?

Though they did a great job with the flip.....this isn't a $2 million dollar reno.

And though this is a good sized lot, it is quite close to the Danforth...

And it doesn't compare to the yard or lot of 43 Hogarth.

So, is this going to sell for ask?

I don't think so.  I'm thinking closer to $2,850,000...maybe.

P.S.  I want to see what's going on in this house at 34 Playter Crescent*...

*edited to correct address


old listing


SOLD - 43 Hogarth Avenue - RIVERDALE

SOLD - 43 Hogarth Avenue - RIVERDALE