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AND IT WENT FOR - 160 Glen Cedar Drive - CEDARVALE

AND IT WENT FOR - 160 Glen Cedar Drive - CEDARVALE

Last week, I posted this 4+1 bedroom, 4 bathroom house on a 50 x 120 foot lot at 160 Glen Cedar Drive in Cedarvale.

It is a house that I posted last August, but it was listed without a price so I made a guess.

It was a flip, but it was a good flip.  There were just a few quirks like a house on a 40 lot could and usually has a formal dining room and a breakfast area and usually a family room.  This place seems to really only have a casual dining area.  And there is no family room.

And I don't get this open shoe storage facing the bed...

But, it had 4 bedrooms, the lot was large, there was parking and a garage, and the overall style was nice.

My guess was that it was listed at $1,999,000, but with the quirks, would probably sell closer to $1,899,000.

By December, this house was still on the market and the asking price was $2,195,000....

Which is why it was still on the market.

Last week, it came on the market at a price drop...

To $2,100,000.

It sold in 3 days...

For $2,100,000.

Wonder if there are any plans to build a family room extension at some point.

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