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SOLD - 130 Glen Road - ROSEDALE

SOLD - 130 Glen Road - ROSEDALE

In January 2013, I posted this 4+1 bedroom, 4 bathroom house on a 28.42 x 128 foot lot at 130 Glen Road in North Rosedale.

It was a move-in ready house that was a little rough around the edges with a reno that looked like it had happened in the 80s.

But it was still a good house.

It was listed at $1,799,000.  I thought it could sell for $1,760,000.

It didn't sell and the price was dropped in March 2013 to $1,749,000.

And again in April to $1,739,000...

And then 2 weeks later to $1,699,000...

Then in May to $1,649,000...

And then July to $1,599,000.

I'm pretty sure it never sold.

Though I didn't like the front hall tile that matched the kitchen tile that matched the backsplash, and the basement looked like it needed work...

And regardless of it being on a fairly busy street, I didn't really get why it wasn't selling.

It was back on the market last week for $1,650,000 with this added to the description...

Once The Home Of Eberhard Zeidler (Architect: Eaton Centre, Hospital For Sick Children) And His Family

And better staging.

It sold in 4 days...



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