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SOLD - 77 Eastwood Road - WOODBINE

SOLD - 77 Eastwood Road - WOODBINE

This is a 4+1 bedroom, 2 bathroom house on a 39.17 x 143 foot lot at 77 Eastwood Road in Woodbine.

Though the listing says this house is 4+1 bedrooms, it looks more like it's a 3 bedroom house with an office/laundry room on the second floor and family room on the third floor.

But it is a charming looking house on the outside.  And the inside is pretty good too.

The house is bright.  It's a good size.  I don't love all the tile choices, but they are all fine.  The kitchen has lots of storage.  And the lot is a great size.

The only downside I see is the street which is basically an extension of Gerrard (that actually continues a few streets north).  But that also means it is close to the Gerrard streetcar which is a good thing.

And I am not sure why they didn't wait until the floor dried to take this picture though...

Because it looks like the floors are super shiny (which they aren't).

But this is basically a move right in house on a good sized lot that is in a good-ish location with 2 parking spots and room for an extension.

It was listed at $889,000.

It sold in 5 days...

For $889,000.

I think this was a good buy.


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