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SOLD - 99 Withrow Avenue - RIVERDALE

SOLD - 99 Withrow Avenue - RIVERDALE

This is a 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom semi on a 19 x 137.08 foot lot at 99 Withrow Avenue in Riverdale.

It looked like this in December 2013 when it was listed for $749,900...

And apparently sold for asking.

It has now been flipped.

And though I like what they have done, except for the stairs under the stairs...

(or is it just me?)

Apparently the process of getting there was a bit of a nightmare for some neighbours.

One neighbour who sent it in mentioned that apparently, among a bunch of other things like apparent animals living in the house during the flip...

 The construction on this house began without permits.  Apparently, the city stopped construction while permits were acquired and the property sat like this for a while...

So....not awesome for the neighbours.

But the end result is a definite improvement.

And last week, that same neighbour emailed to say the sign went up for this property.  It sold before it ever officially hit the market.

It was listed at $1,199,000.

It sold...

For $1,358,000.

And there is no parking.

(thanks to the reader for sending this in!)

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