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151 Balsam Avenue - BEACHES

151 Balsam Avenue - BEACHES

This is a 5+1 bedroom, 5 bathroom house on a 30.91 x 123 foot lot with 1 parking space at 151 Balsam Avenue in the Beaches.

And when I saw the photos, I immediatley said to myself...

Why has this place not sold!!?!!

It's a great house!  The floors are amazing, the kitchen is large, there is a family room, it's bright, the lot is huge with a good sized backyard.

Then I realized there were no third floor photos in the virtual tour.   So, that must be it.  The third floor must have peeling wallpaper and water stains or something.

But it doesn't.  I found these photos, and though the rooms aren't huge, they are more than good...


Why is has this place been listed at $1,599,000 with no sale!?!

After a price drop from the initial list of  $1,688,000 two weeks ago!?!

Even with the location right beside the parking lot of the Balmy Beach Community School...

This is a $1,795,000 house at least!

I don't get it.

And it has an Audrey Hepburn print!!!

Why has this not sold!?!

I must be missing something.


AND IT WENT FOR - 151 Balsam Avenue - BEACHES

AND IT WENT FOR - 151 Balsam Avenue - BEACHES

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