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31 Douglas Drive - ROSEDALE

31 Douglas Drive - ROSEDALE

In the last post for the 4+1 bedroom, 5 bathroom proposed new build on a 40 x 125 foot lot at 99 Whitehall Avenue...

I mentioned that the price of $3,695,000 was REALLY high considering that the house was on a really busy street.

And that there was an equivalent sized house that was move right in just one street south on a true family friendly street.

That house I mentioned is this house.

It is a 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom house on a 44.25 x 138 foot lot at 31 Douglas Drive.

I'm not sure this front door will appeal to the people who would be looking at a new build...

But that could be changed.  

And even though the inside is quite traditional as it is now with all the cream and dark wood trim, this too could easily be changed with some paint.

Perhaps something like the house at 173 Inglewood Drive...

That sold for $3,050,000 in March.

The kitchen in this house is a really good kitchen and could be updated with some paint and a white marble countertop.

And the master bath could perhaps use some updating...

And perhaps some new light fixtures.

But then this house is done.

And it would still be $700,000 less than the house at 99 Whitehall that you would need to wait at least a year and a bit until it is built.

This house was initially listed at the beginning of June for $2,995,000 before the price was dropped to $2,850,000 a little over a week ago.

It will probably sell for somewhere closer to $2,795,000 (though I don't really understand why it didn't sell at the first asking price....maybe the no garage thing?).

So, this house versus the house at 99 Whitehall?

Definitely this house.


151 Balsam Avenue - BEACHES

151 Balsam Avenue - BEACHES

RELISTED - 99 Whitehall Avenue - ROSEDALE

RELISTED - 99 Whitehall Avenue - ROSEDALE