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RELISTED - 99 Whitehall Avenue - ROSEDALE

RELISTED - 99 Whitehall Avenue - ROSEDALE

Which is the house that was standing on this lot 3 years ago when this same house with a black and white drawing was for sale...

So, it's the same house, with no changes, at the front at least.

Three years ago, the asking price for this Rosewood Custom Homes house was $3,095,000.

I guess there were no takers, because it is on the market again with the listing still saying...

Quiet Child-Friendly Street

And as I mentioned in my initial post, this is not a family friendly street.  

It's busy.

Because of that, I am not sure this is the location for a 3,500 square foot house, but there are good schools nearby, a great park, transit, and shops.  

I just don't think people are going to spend $3,695,000 in this location when you can get the equivalent in a quieter location one street south.

So...I think this will sit for a while.

Especially now that price has been increased by $600,000.


31 Douglas Drive - ROSEDALE

31 Douglas Drive - ROSEDALE

214 Brock Avenue - LITTLE PORTUGAL

214 Brock Avenue - LITTLE PORTUGAL