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29 Wyndham Street - LITTLE PORTUGAL

29 Wyndham Street - LITTLE PORTUGAL

This is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom detached house on a 17.5 x 98.87 foot lot at 29 Wyndham Street in Little Portugal.

It is located around the corner from the larger house at 214 Brock Street...

That could use some work and just sold for $841,000...

And the house at 66 St. Clarens Avenue...

That sold for $930,000...

And the 3 bedroom flip with no finished basement at 41 Sheridan Avenue...

That sold for $1,100,000.

This house isn't as big as the house at 66 St. Clarens, but like that house, it isn't completely updated.  But it is a good house.  With some white paint to brighten it up a bit, and maybe new appliances, this could be a great house.  

But with that old wood panelling on the wall still there...

 Painted or not, though this house has obviously had a lot of updates like the floors, the kitchen, and the bathroom. it makes me wonder what is going on behind the walls.  Are things like electrical up to date? 

Does it matter?  Is someone going to see this and love it as it is?  It's very possible.

Or is someone going to see the $799,900 asking price and think that this place could be gutted like the house at 41 Sheridan and sell for $1,100,000?

Either way, I think this house is selling for more than asking.

Probably closer to $875,000.


15 Laurier Avenue - CABBAGETOWN

15 Laurier Avenue - CABBAGETOWN

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