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PRICE DROP #3 - 22 Cottingham Road - SOUTH HILL

Like all the other Grey Houses, this one was overpriced...

Regardless of the listing stating this one as...

South Hill's Landmark Home!

This house as many people who have driven by have mention is more like a fish bowl.  Or as another person pointed out, like the house at 355 Briar Hill Road...

It's looks like an office.

There is no privacy.  And there is no yard.  Just the rooftop deck.

So, with 4 bedrooms, I am not sure who they are marketing to.

The first asking price for this house was $3,195,000.

A month and a half after it was first listed, the price was dropped to $2,988,000....

And again at the end of May to $2,799,000.

It has now dropped again...

To $2,645,000.

184 Balsam Avenue - BEACHES

SOLD - 1 Munro Park Avenue - BEACHES

SOLD - 1 Munro Park Avenue - BEACHES