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#15  7 Brimley Road South - CLIFFSIDE

#15 7 Brimley Road South - CLIFFSIDE

This is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom boat house with 2 parking spots on a 24 x 43 foot lot at #15 7 Brimley Road South in Cliffside.

It's located 2 doors down from a similar boat house at #17 7 Brimley Road South...

That I posted 3 years ago in July 2012.

The only listing photo was the one above and I really wanted to see the inside.

Thankfully, this listing has lots of inside photos, just none of the bathrooms (hmm).

Considering that the house 2 doors down was listed at $359,000 and this house is listed at $650,000, I'm thinking this house is a LOT more updated.  

But from this photo...

They don't look so different.

So maybe the demand for house boats in Ontario has just jumped A LOT in the last 3 years.

Either way, this is a good boathouse.

And if you don't mind being kind of isolated in the winter...

Then perhaps this is worth the asking price.

But with $710/months fee plus hydro and storage, not to mention that it must be freezing to live there during the winter, this may be a little steep.

I don't know...

If I were going to live in a house boat, I would prefer to live in the one at #14 20837 Louie Court in Lanley, BC...

Where the weather is a bit more mild...

And the price was only $85,000.

But maybe it's just me.


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