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mishMASH - 207 and 208 Rue Main - HUDSON, QC

mishMASH - 207 and 208 Rue Main - HUDSON, QC

A few days ago, a reader sent in a listing for a waterfront house under $2 million in the riverside town of Hudson in Quebec that is located 45 minutes west of Montreal.

When I went to take a look at it, I couldn't find it (send it again if you can!), but I did notice this listing.

If you have ever been to Hudson, you probably know this place.  

It is Auberge Willow, a 9 bedroom inn with an additional 5 bedrooms across the street at the Anchorage.  There is a pub called the Willow Pub, a dining room called Bistro 208, and a 3 level terrace over looking the Ottawa River.

It is an historic house that was built in 1820, but was completely destroyed in a fire in 1989 only to be completely rebuilt by former owners, Mike Dobbie and Ron Rozon.

It was bought several years ago by 3 local Hudson residents, Carole Menard, Pierre Lanctot, and Michael Poirier, who undertook renovations that updated and expanded the inn.

Now, for some reason, after only a few years of ownership, it is for sale again.

The asking price is $2,750,000.

When a smaller private house down the street at 242 Rue Main...

 Was for sale 3 years ago for $895,000...

A large property like this that has been completely renovated for that asking price doesn't seem so crazy.

But when you consider that the Dorset Manor Spa in Port Hope was for sale for only $1,650,000 two years ago, maybe it's a bit high.

Either way, whether this is a good price or not, and for whatever reason they are selling (which I have no idea)...

Before you buy it, you need to make sure that you really, really, reeeeeally want to run this type of business...

Because I've read that it isn't as easy as it looks.


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