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SOLD - 25 Scrivener Square #911 - SUMMERHILL

SOLD - 25 Scrivener Square #911 - SUMMERHILL

This is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, under 1,350 square foot condo with 2 parking spaces and $999/month condo fees at 25 Scrivener Square in Summerhill.

If you are looking for a condo in this neighbourhood, this is the building.  

It's steps to Yonge but set back a little to give it some privacy, it is close to shops, it is close to transit, it is on a park, and it is close to Terroni.

Thing is, though this condo is on the 9th floor and there are balcony views like this...

And this...

This is the view from inside the condo...

Not the worst thing, but not amazing.

Inside, I'm getting the feeling this is a flip.  

It's empty which could mean that the people just moved their stuff out before the listing photos were taken.  But the electric outlets aren't finished in the kitchen (and someone can't figure out how to put the grills on the stove) and that master bathroom toilet can't be in the final position.  It's about 2 feet away from the wall!

Though the listing says 3 bedrooms, it is more like a 2+1 bedroom because I don't see how those double doors could be opened with a bed in there.  

But if you want to be in Summerhill and you want to be in these buildings withough spending $2,950,000 for a 2+1 bedroom as someone did for the Lower PH 03...

Then this was a good option.

Just not super big.

The asking price was $1,686,500.

It sold in 6 days...

For $1,686,500.

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