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182 Beech Avenue - BEACHES

182 Beech Avenue - BEACHES

This is a 2+1 bedroom, 3 bathroom house with2 parking spots on a 24.5 x 120 foot lot at 182 Beech Avenue in the Beaches.

As it is now, it is set up as a 1 bedroom house with a second floor family room and a basement apartment.

And if you are not looking for a family house and only need one or 2 bedrooms, this is a good option.

I'm not crazy about the actual colour of the outside of the house at all, but the inside is bright and airy.

 Normally I don't like those fireplaces with stone all the way up like this...

But for some reason, I kind of like it here.  It goes with the whole 'beachy' feel of the house.

The kitchen isn't huge but it is a good kitchen.  The backyard is amazing if you are into lots of deck and foliage.

I don't know why there is a blanket in the bathroom...

But if you are into orange, it's a nice blanket.

Basically, if this is your style and you don't need more than 2 bedrooms, this is a great house.

But is it a $1,499,999 house?

Considering that it has been listed for almost 2 weeks, probably not.

But it is good house.  Just maybe closer to a $1,425,000 house.

There is a Le Creuset pot...

PRICE DROP - 276 Forest Hill Road - FOREST HILL

PRICE DROP - 276 Forest Hill Road - FOREST HILL