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33 Anderson Avenue - CHAPLIN ESTATES

33 Anderson Avenue - CHAPLIN ESTATES

This is a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom house on a 30 x 100 foot lot with 2 parking spots at 33 Anderson Avenue in Chaplin Estates.

It looks like a 3 storey house from the front, but it is actually only 2 storeys.

It's a good looking house.  I prefer darker trim but it looks good as is.

Inside, it kind of reminds me of the Lytton Park house at 70 Glencairn Avenue...

Like that house, this house is move in ready.  

The living room is a good size, the dining room looks large (could just be the angle of the photos), the kitchen is a nice with a good layout and lots of storage, there is a bright breakfast area, a family room area, and the basement is finished.

Upstairs, there are only 3 bedrooms, but if you were okay with a smallmaster, that room could be divided to create a fourth bedroom.  The bathroom looks a little small and could be updated.  But the backyard is bright and south facing, and though it's small, could possibly handle an extension if you wanted to add more space.

The house at 70 Glencairn was listed at $1,495,000.  It sold for $1,445,000.

This house is listed at $1,429,000.

With the proximity to Yonge and Eglinton, I think this is going higher.

Probably closer to $1,515,000.

It does have a Kitchen Aid mixer...

Oh, and a lot of Pehr hampers.

(thanks to K for sending this in!)


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