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337 Wellesley Avenue East - CABBAGETOWN

337 Wellesley Avenue East - CABBAGETOWN

This is a 4+1 bedroom, 3 bathrom semi with 2 parking spots on a 19.33 x 128 foot lot at 337 Wellesley Avenue East.

From the looks of the outside, what is on the inside is not what I was expecting.  I was thinking there would be a lot of white walls with a white kitchen and a white countertop.

Instead, there is a lot of wood and earthy colours which I am not really into.  But though I don't love the colours, this is a good house.

If you aren't into the colours either, painting the walls white would brighten it up.  And it would look nice with all the wood.

But I think someone is going to love it just as it is because it is a good house with parking, a rooftop deck, a good yard...

And a large wine cellar...

And not everyone likes white walls.

The asking price is $1,358,000.

At first, I thought that might be a little high because I think a 4+1 bedroom house at that price would have another bathroom.  

But I suppose one could be added to the third floor which could make a good master suite.

Not to mention that it is located across the street from the row house with no real backyard at 328 Wellesley Street East...

That was listed at $1,299,900, had a price increase I think to mid 1.3s, and I think sold for mid 1.3s.

So, with this south facing lot and the parking, not to mention that this is a semi and not a row house, this house is probably worth more.

Only thing is...

This was listed in March when it was the Globe and Mail Home of the Week...

And the asking price was $1,198,000.

And it looks like they didn't find a buyer then.

So, unless they find someone who loves this as it is now...

It will probably have a price drop.


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