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SOLD - 51 Macdonell Avenue - RONCESVALLES

SOLD - 51 Macdonell Avenue - RONCESVALLES

When I first saw the listing for this 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom semi with a 1 car garage on a 19.33 x 137.82 foot lot at 51 Macdonell Avenue about a month ago...

The first thing I thought of was of the flip at 37 Fuller Avenue...

But I liked the look of this house more with the unpainted brick.

Not everyone loved that flip and if I could read the comments on this site (working on fixing that!!!), I could quote a few.  But from memory, some people didn't like the backsplash or the powder room counter.  

I thought it was a good flip.

This house though, I don't think it is going to be a flip. 

It is more than possible that someone is moving in as is because, though the house could use some updating, it is fine as it is.

But if some money were spent to update this house and perhaps open up the kitchen to that back room, replace the floors that are a little rough in spots, update the bathrooms, replace some windows, create a master suite on the third floor, and finish the basement...

This house could be amazing.

The house at 37 Fuller that was done top to bottom was listed at $1,249,900. I thought it would sell around $1,299,000.

 It sold for $1,295,000.

This house, that according to the listing is much larger at 3700 square feet, but that includes the basement...

Was listed at $1,099,900.

To do the renos that I mentioned, it would probably cost about $350,000 (maybe more) which would make this a $1,450,000 house.

But it is 3,700 square feet (including the basement)!

Surprisingly, it took over a month to sell, and I don't get it.  This house could be amazing.

It sold after 37 days on the market...

For $1,032,000.

Clearly they didn't include this in the listing...

337 Wellesley Avenue East - CABBAGETOWN

337 Wellesley Avenue East - CABBAGETOWN

AND IT WENT FOR - 69 Dixon Avenue - BEACHES

AND IT WENT FOR - 69 Dixon Avenue - BEACHES