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81 Markham Street - TRINITY-BELLWOODS

81 Markham Street - TRINITY-BELLWOODS

In March, I posted a listing of a propery for sale at 79 Markham Street in Trinity-Bellwoods.

And when I say property, it's because there was no house, just a tarp...

Because this house or what was a house not only had a fire in 2013, just two days after the owner had bought it, but also this past January.

So, kind of sketchy.

Now the neighbour one house south is for sale.  

It is a 5+1 bedroom, 4 bathroom house on a 25 x 135 foot lot that widens to 50 at the back, right behind 79 Markham Street.

There is a 1,200 workshop/garage with water, heat, and hydro that spans the 2 properties plus another 2 car garage.

With the utilities, there is potential to make the workshop a large laneway house.

But the house itself looks like it needs a lot of work and the property seems to currently be the home to Alfa Disposal...

Even though it kind of looks like a garage...

I'm pretty sure this won't sell for asking.

Because this house is listed at $2,970,000.


Perhaps a litttttle too high.


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