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PRICE DROP #4 - 22 Cottingham Road - SOUTH HILL

PRICE DROP #4 - 22 Cottingham Road - SOUTH HILL

This 4+1 bedroom, 6 bathroom house on a 48 x 94 foot lot at 22 Cottingham Road in South Hill

has been listed since March.

When I first saw the listing photos...

I knew right away that this was a Grey House.

And that if it was like the other Grey Houses, it would be overpriced.

Considering this is the 4th price drop, looks like it was.

According to the first listing, this house was...

South Hill's Landmark Home!

It's a landmark home in that it is a complete fish bowl and is located on a very busy intersection...

And is completely exposed to the street!!!

It was first listed at $3,195,000.

Even if this house was located on a beautiful ravine with an amazing view, that price would probably still be too high.

Here is a new video that gives you a better look of the house, and I have to admit, it's shows a lot better in this than it did in the first set of photos...

But there is no living room!

Where do you entertain your friends!?!  In the second floor family room that is located beside your baby's room!?!

For $3.2 million!?!


It has now had another price drop...

To $2,536,888.

Still no living room.

P.S.  I just noticed...

What happened to the birch and pine trees... 

That were in the original listing photo!?!

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