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27 Alcina Avenue - WYCHWOOD

27 Alcina Avenue - WYCHWOOD

When I first saw the interior photos of this 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom house on a 43.9 x 149 foot lot at 27 Alcina Avenue in Wychwood...

I thought it was worth a post because it was a bit of time capsule house and, given the lot size, it most likely won't be staying.

Then I saw this...

Clearly, that photo was taken for a reason, but I had no idea what.

Then I saw the sculptures in the backyard...

And they looked familiar.

Turns out, this house belonged to Leonhard Oesterle who passed away in 2009.  

According to this document from the Waddington's website...

Oesterle was inspired to sculpt from his years spent in a concentration camp.

Oesterle immigrated to Canada in 1956 where he further pursued sculpting and ultimately became a faculty member of OCAD University and head of OCAD's sculpture program.

When remembering Oesterle, Dennis Shields, an OCAD Alumnus, said...

“His great lesson to me was not just about art, the what and the how to make it. Through his gentle humility, his passion and his indomitable spirit, Oesterle taught me what it means to be human — that it’s not enough just to survive. Rather, it’s the how you survive that matters.”

I actually don't know where I have seen his work before (please enlighten me if I should know!)...

 But this horse looks familiar.

According to the listing, this is the first time this home has been available in the last 50+ years which means this is where Oesterle spent most of his life.

And 50+ years ago, this place was amazing.  It is still amazing, but as I mentioned, with this lot size, it probably isn't staying.

Then again, someone might want to preserve the history of this place and fix it up...

But at $1,600,0000 plus the cost to fix it up!?!

I dunno.

P.S.  I like these prints...

  Wonder if that is Oesterle's work as well.


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