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25 Austin Avenue - LESLIEVILLE

25 Austin Avenue - LESLIEVILLE

This is a 3+1 bedroom, 4 bathroom semi with 2 parking spots on an 18 x 117 foot lot at 25 Austin Avenue in Leslieville.  

It is located across the street from the house at 24 Austin Avenue that I posted in May...

In that post, I mentioned the neighbouring houses and how they were all really good looking houses, except for one...

Turns out, that house was 25 Austin Avenue.

So...this is a flip.

And other than the closet doors that I am not loving, they did a great job.

It's bright, it feels large, I love the floors, the kitchen is a good size, there is sort of a family room area at the back, the basement is done with a separate entrance, and the windows are great.

In August 2014, it was listed at $499,000.  I am not sure what it sold for.

A year after it was gutted and flipped, the asking price is now $999,900.

I think it will probably sell closer to $1,065,000...maybe a little more.

It does have 2 parking spots.


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