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47 Bennington Heights Drive - BENNINGTON HEIGHTS

47 Bennington Heights Drive - BENNINGTON HEIGHTS

This is a 4+1 bedroom, 5 bathroom house on a 50 x 103 foot lot at 47 Bennington Heights Drive in Bennington Heights.

Like the last 2 houses that I posted, or I guess 3 if you count yesterday's price drop at 96 Major Street...

This house has white oak floors and white wall.

Then again, I guess a lot of the houses I post are white oak floors and white walls.

But unlike a lot of those houses, this house has a unique kitchen.

It's a lot of black with white oak lowers.  I love the mirrored hood vent and I like the mirrored wall behind the sink.  And I love the black countertop.

I'm just not sure I like the glass uppers or the faucets.  The faucets are nice, and I love the brass.  I just don't love it with this style of cabinet.  Maybe I'm crazy.

And I am not sure I am loving the placement of the fridge or the 2 sliding doors.  This room could have been awesome with huge wall to ceiling sliding doors, or accordian doors, just not the 2 small sliding doors.

I don't get the big empty space at the front door, and in this neighbourhood I can only see it getting cluttered with hockey bags.  But if that doesn't bug you, I guess that would be a good space.

The double hung windows aren't my favourite and the bedroom closet system made out of pipe isn't going to be for everyone.

Otherwise, I love it, and this is a great home in a very family friendly area.  And it is move right in.

It is listed at $3,250,000.

Considering that the house around the corner at 9 Burnham Road...

Sold for $3,250,000 a year ago...

This doesn't seem too far off. 


154 Cottingham Avenue - SUMMERHILL

154 Cottingham Avenue - SUMMERHILL

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