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56 Clarendon Avenue - SOUTH HILL

56 Clarendon Avenue - SOUTH HILL

This is a 2 bedroom, 3 bathroom semi on a 16.67 x 150 foot lot at 56 Clarendon Avenue in Casa Loma.

It is located next door to the house at 56A Clarendon Avenue that I posted in February 2013...

They are all basically the same house, just with a different style.

And they are all very different.

56B is clean, white and bright and 56A is both bright and dark with a more stainless steel kind of feel.

Compared to those houses, this house is dark.  But I love it.  It kind of reminds me of the laneway house at 7 Millington Lane in Cabbagetown...

If you don't like the wood in the kitchen, there is a lot of it so that could be a problem.  But I think changing the hardware could change the feel of the room.

Besides that, the whole house with the grey walls and the dark kitchen is probably not something I would normally be into...

But I love the feel of it all. 

The house at 56B was listed at $1,299,000 in May 2012.  It sold for $1,415,000.

The house at 56A that was listed in February 2013 was listed at $1,549,000.  After a couple of price drops, it sold for $1,500,000.

So, though this kitchen isn't as new, I prefer the feel and look of the rest of the house.  And that backyard is pretty great.

Almost 3 years after the sale of 56A for $1.5 million...

This house is listed at $1,698,000.

I think it will sell closer to $1,735,000.


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