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SOLD - 99 Colbeck Street - BLOOR WEST VILLAGE

SOLD - 99 Colbeck Street - BLOOR WEST VILLAGE

This is a 3+1 bedroom, 3 bathroom house on a 23.5 x 105.5 foot lot at 99 Colbeck Street in Bloor West Village.

And it's a great looking house.

Inside, I'm not crazy about the style (uhh...the curtains), but there is portential for this place to be lots of things.

It doesn't need it, but it could use a new kitchen.  Or it could be freshened up with a new countertop and sink, maybe some new handles and, I know a lot of people would disagree, but I think removing the uppers would look great.

The first floor is bright and there is a family room.

Upstairs, the rooms are a good size, but the bathrooms are tired.

The basement is finished and has good ceiling height.  I'm just not sure that if I were a guest I would be crazy about this sleeping situation, ...

Especially with this face staring at me.

And I am not sure what this ramp thing is...

I don't think it's a wheelchair ramp, and I don't think it is a skylight thing for the basement.  So, no idea what it is.

But all around, this is a great house wiht a nice backyard and a garage.

It was listed at $989,000.

It sold in 8 days...

For $1,210,000.

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