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1 Windsor Avenue - BIRCH CLIFF

1 Windsor Avenue - BIRCH CLIFF

This is a 3+1 bedroom, 2 bathroom house on a 44 x 50 foot lot at 1 Windsor Avenue just east of Victoria Park and the Beaches neighbourhood in Birch Cliff.

When I first saw it, for some reason I thought of the house at 62 Golfview Avenue...

And I could figure out why because they didn't really look alike.

There was just something about it that seemed familiar.

Turns out, thanks to an email from a reader (thanks M!), this house was on Love it or List it...

And so was 62 Golfview Avenue.

The Golfview house was featured on an episode called 'Good Cop Bad Cop' with Mike and Danny...

This house was featured in an episode called 'Sight Unseen' with Sachi and Cam.

And that's right.

Sachi and Cam bought this house from these real estate photos...

This is what it looked like after they moved in...

And this is them going to their parking spot...

No, they don't have 2 cars and a boat.  The previous owner sold that parking spot that has the Volvo and the boat to someone else and their spot is the one not right beside the house...

And it is too bad because at a lot depth of only 50 feet, that space could have been used as more backyard.

So, I don't understand why the lot width is 40 feet if that spot in between was sold.  Or is it just rented?

According to the show, it was sold.

And according to the show that aired this February, before the reno, David valued the house at $800,000.   The renovation budget was $80,000.

And this is Hilary's face when she heard that number...

But with that budget, I think she did a great job.

I don't love that stone on the outside, and I don't understand why there are no heating vents and only floor board heaters in the new front porch enclosure (that apparently added $20,000 to the budget).

But I do like what was done overall.

I just don't get why Hilary didn't do something with that bulkhead in the basement like put in a book shelf below that corner...

Because that is an accident waiting to happen.

According to David, the value of this home after the $100,000 reno is $920,000.

And at the end of the show, they decided to list it....

 But my guess is that the house they wanted to buy instead of this sold way over asking and they stayed here...for a while at least.

Because it is now officially on the market...

For $999,900.

*edited to change the neighbourhood from Fallingbrook to Birch Cliff.


15 Gardiner Road - FOREST HILL

15 Gardiner Road - FOREST HILL