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15 Gardiner Road - FOREST HILL

15 Gardiner Road - FOREST HILL

Unless you are REALLY into black...

Or are okay with a ton of primer...

Then you probably won't be into this 3+1 bedroom, 4 bathroom house on a 50 x 132 foot lot at 15 Gardiner Road just south of Eglinton in Forest Hill.

Because there is black everywhere.

From the lights at the front door, you know this isn't going to be a house filled with floral patterned couches and basket weave carpets.

But even though the front door is black, I wasn't expect so much black on the inside.  

There is black in the living room, the dining room is black, the family room is black, the floors are basically black, the carpet is black, the master bedroom isn't black but it is dark grey, the basement is black or at least dark grey...

Basically, it's a LOT of black.

But I like it.   

I'm just not sure there will be a lot of other people who will like all the black, or who will be able to see past it.

But it is a move in ready house with a new kitchen, a great fridge, a nice pool, and a large family room.

The asking price is $3,288,000.

With only 3 bedrooms, that might be tough, but that family room could be another bedroom if needed.

And the house is done...

So, it might not sell right at ask, but I don't think it will be far off.


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