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262 Willow Avenue - BEACHES

262 Willow Avenue - BEACHES

When I saw the listing for this 4 bedroom, 6 bathroom new build on a 20 x 139.66 foot lot with a garage and another parking spotat 262 Willow Avenue a couple of weeks ago (but without the above photo because there was no exterior photo then), there was a lot about it that was familiar.

Firstly, it is located beside 2 other new builds that I posted at 264 Willow Avenue...

They were listed at $1,499,000 and $1,688,000 respectively.

Then I looked at the interiors and this one was a lot like the house at 264 Willow.  

And there is a lot of similar furniture between this house...

The house at 264 Willow Avenue...

And also 20 Neville Park a few streets away...

 So...they were all done by the same builder.

Of the houses, Neville Park was definitely my favourite, but that house sold for $4,500,000.

The house at 264 Willow sold for $1,420,000 in April 2013.  The house at 266 Willow was larger and sold for $1,620,000 in February 2013.

This house feels a little smaller than the other Willow houses because of the layout (wish there was a floor plan).  It is listed at $1,688,000.

So, if we compare it to 264, that house would be worth $1,800,000 now if it increased by 10% annually.

But because of the layout of this house, at least the first floor which seems kind of tight, I don't think this will go as high as its neigbour might now.

And considering that the larger detached house at 164 Wheeler Avenue that was listed at $1,790,000...

Took weeks to sell for $1,735,000...

This too might take a while to sell for asking.

But $1,588,000...I can see that happening.  If there is more kitchen storage than what we can see, maybe more.


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