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PRICE DROP - 27 Alcina Avenue - WYCHWOOD

PRICE DROP - 27 Alcina Avenue - WYCHWOOD

This is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom house on a 43.9 x 149 foot lot at 27 Alcina Avenue in Wychwood.

It is the former home of sculptor Leonhard Oesterle who passed away in 2009.

It was his home for the majority of his life, and though it is kind of amazing as it is, this house needs work.

Which is why I didn't think it would sell for the asking price of $1,600,000 to someone who was going to fix this up.

If the lot were to be severed, that would be $800,000 each for a 22 foot lot.  You can get a pretty good sized house on a 22 foot lot.

But it looks like that was too much for buyers, or maybe it's not possible to sever the lot because this house didn't sell...

And the price has been dropped.

The new asking price for this house is...


It's getting down to the price range where someone might be willing to fix it up and preserve it...

But now, it's at $650,000/lot.  That sounds pretty good....if it can be severed.


44 Bellwoods Avenue - TRINITY-BELLWOODS

44 Bellwoods Avenue - TRINITY-BELLWOODS

SOLD - 113 Amelia Street - CABBAGETOWN

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