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SOLD - 95 Bathurst Street PH-1 - FASHION DISTRICT

SOLD - 95 Bathurst Street PH-1 - FASHION DISTRICT

This is a 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom penthouse condo with 4 parking spots in the 95 Bathurst Street portion of the Freed Development, the six50 King building, at King and Bathurst.

It is a building that was designed by Core Architects, but as the owner of this penthouse is himself an architect, some custom changes were made during construction of the building.

According to the Toronto Life Condo of the Week article from mid-October, the condo is owned by architect and furniture maker, Tom Deacon seen here from the Design Lines Magazine article about the condo sitting on his couch with his cat...

 And here on his 1,700 square foot deck and his bottle of Pellegrino...

Deacon worked on the design of the condo with Andrew Jones, the designer behind Sugar Beach...

And I love what they did.

I love the paint colours that were chosen, especially the green in the private elevator entry way.

The decor is great with some amazing rugs.  I am just not so crazy about all the impaling devices like this thing...

 And this...

But the kitchen is amazing.

And the view....

It's like the rooftop of the Thompson every day.

This condo was listed at the end of September for $3,995,000.

It is a beautiful condo, but a lot of that price is the view.  And how long is that view going to be around?  I have no idea.

But it didn't really effect the price.

Despite being on the market for 50 days, this condo sold at 98% of list.

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