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201 Crawford Street - TRINITY-BELLWOODS

201 Crawford Street - TRINITY-BELLWOODS

This is a 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom detached house on a 46 x 118 foot lot at 201 Crawford Street in Trinity-Bellwoods.

According to the listing, it is a Toronto Community Housing house that is currently a mutli-unit dwellingbut could be a pretty great opportunity if you are up for a big, pricey reno.  

Also, if you are good with it backing onto Trinity-Bellwoods Park...

Where it is basically a non-stop party all summer...

(How did I not know about Photo Sphere before today!!!!?!?!?!!!!)

Then this is probably a better location than the house at 167 Havelock Street on a 50 x 147 foot lot across from Dufferin Grove Park...

That recently sold for $1,775,000.

Which is why I am kind of surprised that this hasn't sold yet at a price tag of $1,550,000.

Maybe it's because it is a heritage house that can't be torn down whereas the Dufferin Grove house was sold as having severance potential.

But if you are okay with a parade of vintage bikes in your backyard, not to mention being the largest house on the street...

Then this is an amazing opportunity...

For a total of $2.3.  

Considering that the house across the street on a lot half the size at 212 Crawford Street...

Sold for $1,679,000 a year and a half ago...

This seems like a deal.


500 Carlaw Avenue - RIVERDALE

500 Carlaw Avenue - RIVERDALE

AND IT WENT FOR - 15 Gardiner Road - FOREST HILL

AND IT WENT FOR - 15 Gardiner Road - FOREST HILL