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388C Manning Avenue - LITTLE ITALY

388C Manning Avenue - LITTLE ITALY

When I saw the price for this place, I thought, either they are looking for a bidding war...

Or this house has been split into separate units.  And they aren't rentals because there was an asking price, not a monthly rent. 

Basically, it's the same sort of thing as the Green Couch condo alternatives that have been popping up in this neighbourhood.

The most recent post for these densification projects done by the Saskins was for the price drop for the unit at #B 110 Palmerston Avenue...

It was a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom condo with a garage parking spot.  The initial asking price was $1,249,000.

It didn't sell and the price was dropped to $979,000 in November.  And then 2 weeks later, it was increased to $999,000.

This place is basically the same idea, but it is smaller and it is the 4 floors of the back of the house, with only 1 bedroom and a +1 in the basement.

And it isn't as nice...at all.

It is listed at $729,000.

So, yeah, a little low for the whole house.  But a little high for a really tight condo in the back half of a house, even if it doesn't have condo fees.

And if you were willing to live a little outside of the downtown area, you could have a 1+1 detached bungalow on a 23 x 94.5 foot lot for $200,000 less than this price...

Or the row house like the one at 61 Shirley Street...

That sold for $545,000 leaving enough room for updates that could still be less than this asking price.

I supposed this is priced for the location though. 

But it does make the Palmerston condo look like a deal!  Even with that condo's $188 monthly fees.


PRICE DROP - 179 Old Yonge Street - YORK MILLS

PRICE DROP - 179 Old Yonge Street - YORK MILLS

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