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SOLD - 59 Admiral Road - ANNEX

SOLD - 59 Admiral Road - ANNEX

I loved that coach house even though there were things I would want to change.

Though I thought itwas going to sell over its initial $1,595,000 asking price, it sold in mid-November for $1,475,000.

Three weeks before that sale, this house was put on the market.  It is the main house for the coach house and it has been converted into an 8,385 square foot 4-plex.

And like the house in my last post at 272 Indian Road...

And the house at 47 Madison Avenue...

This is also a house designed by architect Eden Smith...

But this house does not look like the inside of the boat featured on Below Deck like the house at 272 Indian Road.

In fact, the 4,422 square foot owner's suite is probably quite similar to what had been designed by Smith.  The kitchen is obviously new and doesn't need to be touched and the master bath has been updated in the last decade or 2.

But the house has been divided and it isn't quite what it was.

According to the listing, the owner is currently collecting $3,736.18/month in rent with the possibility of collecting a total of $6,736.18/month.  At least I think that is what it is saying.  The listing is kind of confusing.

The asking price was $3,995,000.

It's a huge house on a great street in the Annex, but as some readers pointed out in the comments for 59R Admiral Road...

That's a pretty high price for a house that doesn't have a backyard and will cost a lot of money to be converted into a single family home with a not very big yard.

But the side yard isn't sooo bad.  Actually, it's kind of a good size for downtown Toronto.  Not amazing, but not bad.

Everyone thought it would see a big drop.

It just sold after 32 days on the market...

For $3,718,000.

And considering this is the view from the coach house at 59R Admiral Avenue...

I get now why that place didn't sell over asking.


388C Manning Avenue - LITTLE ITALY

388C Manning Avenue - LITTLE ITALY