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Top 5 Most Visited MASH Posts of 2015

It has been another great year in Real Estate Gossip!

Thank you to everyone who read the blog and to those that keep coming back!   And the comments....love the comments

Like in years past, here are the top 5 read posts starting from #5...

5. 5650 Tenth Line - ERIN


I wasn't the only one

who thought

this place was pretty amazing.  Too bad it has sold.

4.  22 Cottingham Avenue - SOUTH HILL

This place

came in at #4...

But if you were to combine 

all the posts for this house, it would be #2.

3.  229 Wright Avenue - RONCESVALLES

Not everyone loved

this place, but it set 

a new price point in Roncesvalles.

2.  1 Albemarle Avenue - RIVERDALE

I thought Gord Downie's house would have come in at number 1, especially since it was mentioned in the

Toronto Star yesterday

...but it is clearly the second most read post of the year.

(But if you were to combine 

all the posts for this house, this house would be #1.)

1.  274 Westmoreland Avenue  - DOVERCOURT PARK

This house at

274 Westmoreland Avenue in Dovercourt Park

was the clear winner of most read for 2015.  It was the home of chef,

Susur Lee's son and it

sold for almost 10% over asking in April.

Thanks for a great year!!!

81 Kenilworth Avenue - BEACHES

81 Kenilworth Avenue - BEACHES

MASH's Top 5 Favourite Houses of 2015