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141 Hillhurst Boulevard - LYTTON PARK

141 Hillhurst Boulevard - LYTTON PARK

This is a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom house on a 33.33 x 132.41 foot lot with a detached garage and a totoal of 5 parking spaces at 141 Hillhurst Boulevard in Lytton Park.

And it is fully renovated.

Here is the streetview photo from this August...

So, were all the renovations just done?  Is this a flip!?!  It doesn't feel like a flip.  And if this is flip staging, this is REALLY good staging.

This house doesn't look like a very big house from the outside, and it definitely looks like one of those 5 bedrooms is going to be super small, but each bedroom is a surprisingly good size.

There is only a photo of one of the 3 washrooms, but it is done as is the rest of the house, so I am assuming the other 2 are done as well.  It's just too bad there isn't one more bathroom for the 5 bedrooms.

But this is a great house with a good back yard and it is move right in.

The asking price is $1,879,000.

For a 5 bedroom house that has been fully renovated in a good neighbourhood?

That is a good price.

And if the first floor feels a little bigger than it looks in the photos, it will probably go over asking.

I'm thinking closer to $1,935,000...maybe more.  There are





P.S.  Where is that master bed from...

I really like it.


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