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252 Gledhill Avenue - WOODBINE-LUMSDEN

252 Gledhill Avenue - WOODBINE-LUMSDEN

This is a 3+2 bedroom, 4 bathroom house on a 25 x 126.37 foot lot at 252 Gledhill Avenue just north of Lumsden Avenue in Woodbine-Lumsden.

It's a new build that used to look like this 2 years ago...

The current style of the house probably won't be for everyone, but I like it a LOT better than the other new build located right beside it...

But I do like the garage in that one.

This house has a parking pad and it kind of reminds me of the house at

1148 Broadview Avenue


That had that weird driveway up to the office.

That house was bigger and it had 4 bedrooms.  It sold for $2,315,000.

This house is smaller, it isn't in as good of a location, and it has one less bedroom.

The asking price is $1,297,000.

So, compared to the Broadview house, this seems like a steal.  I just wish I could see the bathrooms because as far as a new build goes, I like this one.  But it has been listed since


And like

the house in my last post, this is probably a little overpriced for a 3 bedroom in this area.   

Which probably means we are going to see a price drop soon.  Or it will sell under for $1,235,000.


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