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32 Bracondale Hill Road - WYCHWOOD

32 Bracondale Hill Road - WYCHWOOD

I thought it had a ton of potential.  The front hall was pretty tight...

And the kitchen was kind of small...

And the place need a huge renovation.

But I thought it could be amazing.

It was listed at $1,100,000.

I thought that there was no way this wasn't going to go over and probably closer to $1,350,000.

It sold for $1,220,000

....basically a deal.

It has now been fully renovated and is back on the market.

At first glance, I loved it.  I am not sure who the designer is but I think it could be MHouseInc (correct me if I am wrong.....and***see below)...

The designer who owned the houses at 110 Benson Avenue in Wychwood...

Like those houses, I really like this house.

They did a good job of opening up the entryway and making that room at the front a useful mudroom.  It is bright.  I like the floors.   I like the Cole & Sons Woods & Stars wall paper in the bathroom...

And the Elitis Kandy wallpaper in the bedroom...

But then I realized the layout was kind of weird.  They opened it up a lot but they didn't really change it.  

There was a third floor addition adding a ton of space (or maybe it was just expanded)...

But the kitchen (that I love but some people might have storage issues) is on the same small footprint. 

And I didn't love that the bedroom in the photo above doesn't have a proper window.  It seems to me that it would have made more sense to put the laundry room that had a normal window where that bed is between the 2 rooms (Or is that the basement bedroom?  I can't figure it out).

The master on the third floor is a little quirky as well.  I would have preferred the closet to be where the 'office' is beside the bathroom and then that closet space that overlooks the backyard would be a sitting area.

But overall, it is a great house that is move right in with 4+1 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms in a great neighbourhood with 3 parking spots and a garage.

I just don't think it will go for the asking price.

This house is listed at $2,499,000.

I'm thinking it will sell closer to $2,350,000.

But, since the layout is in no way a dealbreaker...

It could be gone by tomorrow.

Just maybe not at ask.

***Apparently, I'm wrong.  According to a reader below, this house was done by JG Interiors, the same people who did the house at 43 Glenayr Road in Forest Hill...


(thanks to D for sending this in!)

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