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PRICE DROP - 28 Dunbar Road - ROSEDALE

PRICE DROP - 28 Dunbar Road - ROSEDALE

This isn't much of a surprise.

Yesterday, I was going to post this house that has been on the market since at least September.  I was about to post it wondering when a price drop was going to happen until I got distracted by the private island in Vancouver...

I wanted to post this house because it is a beautiful, old south Rosedale Victorian home on a 45 x 143 foot lot with a detached 2 car garage.


It only has 3 bedrooms (well, actually, it's 3+1 bedrooms with 4 bathrooms)...

And the asking price was $5,998,000.

$6 million dollars for a 3 bedroom house!?!

Yeah, no.

Turns out, the price was dropped yesterday, right in time for the new year.

And the new asking price is...


That's a good drop.  But this is still only a 3 bedroom house.

And at that price, in this location, it is probably a family house so that isn't enough bedrooms.  Plus, the person paying that much for a house probably doesn't want an open concept on the first floor.  If it's possible to close off the family room and kitchen to the dining room and living room, I think that would help.

But it is still only 3 bedrooms.  Granted, the master is amazing...but it's not enough bedrooms.

And though the kitchen is beautiful, is it a $6 million dollar kitchen?  I don't think so.

So, umm....

Yeah...this is going to need another drop or 2.

Then again...

The house at 10 Hawthorn Avenue that I thought was waaaay overpriced at $5,398,000...

And was relisted at $5,500,000 a year and a half later did sell for $5,325,000.

Buuuut....it was a 5+2 bedroom house.

Not a 3 bedroom house.  Did I mention 3 bedrooms probably isn't enough bedrooms for a $5.5 million house?


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