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115 De Grassi Street - LESLIEVILLE

115 De Grassi Street - LESLIEVILLE

This is a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom row house on a 12.5 x 73 foot lot at 115 De Grassi Street in Leslieville.

From the outside, it looks nice, but it isn't overwhelming nice.  On the inside, it's the same thing.

It's a good house that doesn't seem to need any updating.  The floors look new and are the same throughout.  The walls seem like they are in good shape.  The kitchen looks newish and it is large.  The appliances seem new (I just wish there was a better fridge).

Upstairs, it's bright with the skylight.  The 2 rooms are a good size and though the bathroom is kind of small, it's up to date.

So, it's a good house with a really nice garden in the summer...

But what got my attention was the interior.

It has those lights that I love.  They aren't Lindsey Alderman lights, though the living room one could be a Lindsey Alderman DIY version...

And that dining room light is really familiar.  I just can't place it.  I'm pretty sure there is a Toronto designer that does them (let me know if you know!).

And there is that Harry Allen piggy bank from Areaware...

That you can get at the Drake General Store.

The same pig that was in the house at 51 Winthorpe Road...

And 526 Anthony Drive in Oakville...

And in the house I mentioned...

In the post for  8080 Hornby Road in Halton Hills.

I like the couch, the dining table, the art.  It's all understated (and kind of monochrome), but it goes together so well and I would take it all.  

It all looks so cohesive that it could almost be staging, though I don't think it is.

But it does make the house look really good.

This house is located down the street from the 2 bedroom condo at 983 Dundas Street West...

That condo was larger with parking, but with condo fees, and it was listed at $899,800.  It  sold for $920,000.

This house that does not have parking, is smaller, and is a row house is listed at $629,900.

But because it shows so well, I think it will sell over asking.

I'm thinking closer to $730,000...maybe even $745,000.


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