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229 Douglas Drive - ROSEDALE

229 Douglas Drive - ROSEDALE

In the fall of 2013, a reader sent in the listing for this house.

It was a large Georgian house on a 50 x 178 foot lot at 229 Douglas Drive in north Rosedale.  It was listed in October 2013 for $3,450,000.  

Because it needed updating to the kitchen and perhaps some different paint, it didn't sell and the price was dropped to $3,285,000 in


I think it sold somewhere around $3.3.

Here are the before photos from that listing:

It has now been flipped

And my first reaction when I saw the new listing photos was...

They gutted the house.  Sure, it needed a lot of updating if the traditional look wasn't your style.

But where are the walls in the first floor!?!

And when you do a full gut, why keep the kitchen in the same place as it was before?

As it is now, there are built-ins and it can't be anything but that breakfast area.

The wall in the 'hallway' with the bench is also really bugging me. 

I also don't understand the bedroom situation.  Is the master bedroom on the second floor or is it that space on the third floor?

I don't get it.

There is a lot about this house that I do like, especially if it were done in a house that needed a full gut.  But as it was, this place could have been amazing with some updating while still keeping the original features in tact.

As it is now, this place is going to need a very specific buyer.

And considering it is now listed at...


That might be hard.

before listing

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