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SOLD - 5 Governor's Road - GOVERNOR'S BRIDGE

SOLD - 5 Governor's Road - GOVERNOR'S BRIDGE

This is a 4+1 bedroom, 6 bathroom house on a 40 x 120 foot lot at 5 Governor's Road in Governor's Bridge.

It is a new build that used to look like this...

I am not sure what it sold for but a house around the corner on a 60 x 160 foot lot at 14 Douglas Crescent


Sold for $1,295,000 in October 2014.

When you look at the before photo, it's kind of shocking how much house they were able to build, but it fits and doesn't look strange.

But I do find this a bit strange...

Actually, I just don't like it.  And I don't get it.

But the rest of the house is a really good house.

I am not sure I am crazy about the location of the ovens in the kitchen...

And I think it would have been better to have put the wine fridge and microwave where the ovens are and the ovens where the wine fridge is (I think that would really bug me actually)...

But otherwise, it's a large, move in ready house with good sized bedrooms, walk-in closets, ensuite bathrooms, and a big, bright basement.

It was listed at $3,295,000.

The house beside it at 7 Governor's Road...

Was listed in the summer and I think sold around $1,750,000 (correct me if I am wrong).

This house just


in 3 days...

For $3,450,000.


229 Douglas Drive - ROSEDALE

229 Douglas Drive - ROSEDALE

mishMASH PRICE DROP - 5211 Tenth Line - ERIN, ONTARIO

mishMASH PRICE DROP - 5211 Tenth Line - ERIN, ONTARIO