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50 Hemford Crescent - DON MILLS

50 Hemford Crescent - DON MILLS

This is a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house on a 70 x 110 foot pie shaped lot with 6 parking spaces at 50 Hemford Crescent.

I don't know what it is about this place, but I love it.

I love the look of the front.  I love the carport.  I love the lot...

And like the house down the street at

42 Hemford Crescent


I love the stair railings and the living room with the floor to ceiling windows.

And I like the colour scheme of the interior, just maybe if it were updated a little.

There are no photos of the bedrooms other than the master addition, and there are no photos of the bathrooms, so they could be a total mess.  But this house with some updating could be amazing.

The house at 42 Hemford was listed at $749,000 and sold for $840,000 in January 2013.  A year later, it was

back on the market for $899,000

 with no changes but new hardwood floor.  It

sold for $963,800.

This house that is basically the same house but a smaller back lot is listed at $1,100,000 two years later.

It could be torn down with a new build put in its place like the ones across the street at

53 Hemford Crescent


Or the house at

61 Hemford Crescent


That sold for





But with the lot shape, I think this place would be best as an update.

It will probably sell closer to $1,225,000.


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