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8 Ridout Street - RONCESVALLES

8 Ridout Street - RONCESVALLES

This is a 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom house on a 50 x 150 foot lot with 4 parking spaces at 8 Ridout Street in Roncesvalles (or High Park depending on who you ask).

On the outside, it is a beautiful, old home and on the inside, it is a fully renovated house that is modern while still keeping the charm of the original house.

The first floor hasn't been completely opened up (cough, cough) which I really like, but there is still a good flow and an open feel to it.

And I like that the old staircase is a main focus of the house.

According to the listing, the renovation was designed by Donald Chong of Williamson Chong who is also currently renovating the house at 32 Playter Boulevard...

And according to their website, that house is going to look like this...

There is no main floor family room in this house.

But the lot is big enough for a good size addition if you wanted one and would look great with the house if it looked something like another of Williamson Chong's work...

Upstairs, the layout is a little weird with a bedroom having an ensuite with only a toilet and sink and no shower other than the ensuite master bath or the bathroom on the 3rd floor.

But I like the other bathrooms and the master has a great closet area.

On the third floor, there are 2 good sized bedrooms, but this room is really small...

Not to mention a little creepy with that doll on the horse.

But overall, this is a great house.

It is listed at $2,495,000.

If the house around the corner at 304 Indian Road...

Could sell for $2,150,000...

And the house at 35 High Park Boulevard on the 90 foot lot could sell for its asking price (I think) of $2,365,000 in May 2014...

Then I don't see why this wouldn't sell for asking...

If not a little more.


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