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80 North Drive - HUMBER VALLEY

80 North Drive - HUMBER VALLEY

This is a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom house on a 50 x 465 foot ravine lot at 80 North Drive in Humber Valley.

If it looks familiar, it is because it was in the National Post in May 2011 when the asking price was $3,295,000.  Two weeks after being in the National Post, it was the Toronto Life House of the Week.

But it looks like that didn't help the sale because by the end of June 2011, the price was down to $2,995,000.

It was back on the market in August 2015 for $3,725,000.

It's a great house if this is your style and it kind of reminds of what the house at 331 West Point Avenue in West Rouge wants to be...

But considering this place was built in 1973 and I am not sure there have been a lot of updates since then, the $3.725 price tag was probably a little high.

The kitchen looks more recent than 1973, but that layout is weird.  I don't know why the dishwasher is across from the stove while the sink is farther away.  And those counters and cupboards.  You are either going to love that or hate it.  

And what is with that Star Trek Voyager desk just outside the kitchen?

That's odd.

I think it needs a new kitchen.

The bathrooms are beautiful with lots of stone, but that again might not be for everyone.

Considering that the furniture from that listing in 2011 is the same as the furniture in the current listing, I don't think this place ever sold.

The new asking price is...


So, no price change from August.

It's definitely a unique house with a beautiful property...

But it will probably need a price drop.

(thanks to J for sending this in in August!)


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