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AND IT WENT FOR - 1 Windsor Avenue - BIRCH CLIFF

AND IT WENT FOR - 1 Windsor Avenue - BIRCH CLIFF

At the beginning of November, I posted

this 3+1 bedroom, 2 bathroom house on a 44 x 50 foot lot at 1 Windsor Avenue.

It was a house that had been featured on the W Network show*,

Love it or List it.  The episode was called' Sight Unseen' because the couple that owned the house bought it with out visiting it first.

There is basically no backyard and the parking situation is messed up with the spot closest to the house having been sold by the previous owner to a neighbour.  That meant the house had a parking spot, but it was not next to the house.

The show reno opened up the first floor and when it was listed in November, the asking price was $999,900.

It didn't sell and

the price was dropped in January to $985,000.

Because of the parking situation...

And the small lot, I thought this might not be enough.


price was dropped at the beginning of February to $949,900

 and again

last week to $899,000.

I thought that might be it.

It was.  The house finally



For $892,000.

*changed from HGTV to W Network as this show airs on W Network in Canada.

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