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105 Alcorn Avenue - SUMMERHILL

105 Alcorn Avenue - SUMMERHILL

This is a 2+1 bedroom, 4 bathroom semi town house on a 19.18 x 106.74 foot lot at 105 Alcorn Avenue in Summerhill.

From the outside, it reminds me a lot of

the house of Youssef Hasbani, owner of L'Atelier, at 43 Alcorn Avenue


But this house is smaller.  And it doesn't have all the amazing furniture.

Well, it's still pretty good furniture and this piece easily looks like it could have come from L'Atelier...

But, even though the interior of the houses have a similar feel as well, I don't think this house belongs to Hasbani.

Unless he is now in the flipping business because this house is a flip.   

Here are the before photos from when it was listed in

August 2015


When it was listed at $1,150,000 (I'm not sure what it sold for).

The whole first floor has now been redone with walls taken down and a bathroom added.  The dining room and the kitchen have switched locations and the carpet has been removed.

Upstairs, all the bathrooms have been redone...

But why did this one need to go!?!

For the most part, I really like everything they have done.  I would have preferred less glossy floors and maybe a lighter stain.  And I don't love the floor tile in the bathrooms.

But, overall, it's a great flip.

It is now listed at $1,699,000.

They didn't do $500,000 in renos, but with a garage in this location, this won't sit for long and will probably sell a little over asking.

I'm thinking closer to $1,765,000


before photos via

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