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PRICE DROP #2 - 1 Windsor Avenue - BIRCH CLIFF

PRICE DROP #2 - 1 Windsor Avenue - BIRCH CLIFF

In November, I posted

this 3+1 bedroom, 2 bathroom house on a 44 x 50 foot lot at 1 Windsor Avenue in Birch Cliff.

It was a house that had been featured on

Love it or List it

and the episode was called 'Sight Unseen' with Sachi and Cam...

And as the title points out, the owners of this house bought it without seeing it in person.

Which isn't the craziest thing considering I never go to any of the houses that I post, but I am wondering if they were not told about the parking situation.

Because the listing says the lot is 44 feet wide, but the parking spot right beside the house does not belong to this house.  

The previous owner sold it so someone else!!!

Here is a shot from the show of Sachi and Cam walking around someone else's car parked right beside their house to their car that is NOT right beside their house...

It is ridiculous.

And it may be part of the reason that this is having a hard time selling.

This house was first listed at $999,900.

It didn't sell and the

price was dropped in January to $985,000.  I thought it would need to go down again.

The price was just dropped...

To $949,900.

6 Bannatyne Drive - SAINT ANDREW'S

6 Bannatyne Drive - SAINT ANDREW'S

391 Markham Street - PALMERSTON

391 Markham Street - PALMERSTON